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PUMP it up

The Bohemian Social club is an awesome place to hang out day and night. This is an extension to The Penguin which is a couple blocks down the street.

During the day you can meet up with your friends at the Deli in the front for a delicious lunch and a cup of coffee or espresso. It feels like you are in your own living room. The types of meals served in the Deli side are fresh salads homemade soups, and pre-made sandwiches as well as Made-to-order sandwiches. They have big bay windows so you can watch the happenings on Belleville's Front street, great view of the old style shops offered in downtown Belleville. You can also phone in your orders ahead of time if you are in a hurry or only have a short lunch break.

In the evenings the Deli turns down the lights while the Social Club in the back gets things Pumping! This is a great bar to go to because there is always something new going on! About once or so a month there is an event called PUMP, which to my...

By: Manduh

A home to go back to

I have been going to this restaurant for years now and I love it just the same as when I first stumbled upon it! It has definitely changed dramatically over these years though. The Penguin was once known as the highschool/college kids hangout. Everyone used to go there for the all day, extremely cheap breakfast and endless cups of coffee. Now the place has become a hot spot for people of all kinds! They serve beautifully presented entrees that make your mouth water. Some dishes include Lamb Chops, Steak, Rosemary Chicken, Curries and many others. The customer service is wonderful there. They treat everyone like they have just stepped into their own palace. The owner sometimes even comes out to greet those who wish to meet him. Although every time I go there he comes out to see me :)
Above The Penguin they have a banquet hall which is available to rent for that special occasion or meeting. The art on the walls is done mostly by local artists and some is available to buy....

By: Manduh

Luxurious Comfort at a Grand Hotel!

My husband and I, along with our daughter, had the opportunity to stay at The Royal York last spring and had a wonderful time. The rooms are spacious, (we had a king suite) the bathrooms were immaculately clean with just about every necessity possible, hair dryer, robes, iron and ironing board, coffee maker, mini bar, cable TV with movies, A.C., etc. They also have many extras available when requested. Some cost extra, others don not. For example our daughter was only 1yr old at the time and still needed to sleep in a crib. I phoned down to front desk to see if I could have one brought up, and if it was going to be extra. They said it is free and was on its way. Don't we hear that all the time? It's on its way? Well, they actually told the truth because it only took at the most 10 minutes to get the crib. It came with baby blankets and a pillow. I was surprised with how fast it arrived, of course we gave the delivery guy a small tip.

Another memorable...

By: Manduh

An Exotic Moraccan Experience!

I absolutely loved this restaurant! The customer service was excellent, the food was tantalizing, and the entertainment was seductive. Here is a little story about our experience there...

My husband and I were in Toronto visiting our newly married cousin and she suggested we go out for dinner. We had our, just turned, 2yr old with us so we were a bit reluctant to sit in a restaurant with a restless child. We decided to go anyhow to try it out. When we arrived at the Sultan's Tent they immediately cleared a table for us and brought us a highchair. We were surprised to find a place that elegant would even have a high chair! I gazed around the place with my jaws agape! It was beautiful, and exciting. The tented dining areas were very large which would be great for large groups, yet still romantic-ally suitable for a dining couple! When we were seated and settled a male server came to our table with water and told us about the meals and what we should expect during...

By: Manduh



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